Creating the new Investigative News Network

23 06 2009

By now you are gearing up and getting ready to head to Pocantico next week—arriving at this beautiful Rockefeller estate in the afternoon of Monday, June 29th, at around 3-4 p.m. There has been considerable buzz about the historic opportunity offered by this conference. We have many more people who would like very much to attend, but we simply cannot accommodate them because of severe space limitations. We’ll need more room if we do this again.

During our preparations, we thought it might be useful to have an informal web home for the conference. Here you’ll find the agenda, bios for the conference participants, and logistical information. We’ve had a very limited time to plan the conversation we expect to have at Pocantico. The informal steering committee has been made up of Bill Buzenberg at the Center for Public Integrity, Brant Houston at the University of Illinois, Chuck Lewis at the American University Investigative Reporting Workshop, and Robert Rosenthal at the Center for Investigative Reporting. We are tremendously grateful to the three major foundations who have made this meeting possible: Rockefeller Brothers, Surdna, and William Penn—Thank you!

If it’s useful, we can continue to post updates here as the conference progresses. And if there are any avid Twitter users in the group, we thought we’d throw out #inewsnet as an idea for a hashtag to use in your tweets. If you’ve got a better idea or want to add to this site, please email Sarah Laskow, a Center for Public Integrity staff writer who’ll be taking notes at the conference and is managing this website (slaskow at publicintegrity dot org).

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone on Monday afternoon, June 29th. Bring your creative and collaborative ideas.




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29 06 2009
Tuyet A. Tran


I think you might consider live streaming of particular sessions, or special sessions for the members who would normally attend. You can set up a specific sign in or rather, account set up during the meeting(s). You can either accept or decline whoever signs up, of course.

There are also these live chats for the moderators to respond to those who watch on the Internet.

You can also use video-on-demand (VOD) method for those who wish to participate or at least hear what the discussants are saying.

There are various ways to deal with your limited space issue.

Best wishes.

PS: It was Professor Geneva Overholser’s tweet that sent me to your site.

29 06 2009
Tom Wilkowske

Duluth Citizen wants updates, please, yes! We are just getting off the ground.

30 06 2009

When will the next meeting of this kind take place…and where will the *larger venue* be?

1 07 2009
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2 07 2009
David Poulson

Sheesh, wish I knew about it and was there. Frustrating not to be involved. How can I be?

2 07 2009
Dennie Williams

Promoting Investigative Reporters Needed Isn’t it amazing how all those in charge of newspapers, televised and radio news as well as magazines and Internet news sites bemoan the dearth of investigative reporting due to more than a professional recession? Yet none of those publishers, editors, news managers or broadcast or Internet news directors with the resources seems to be interested in creating fair opportunities for freelance investigative reporters! Thousands of experienced reporters have been bought out or laid off in the past five or more years! Think about the loss of those decades of journalistic experience! How or when will it ever be harnessed again? Isn’t that the creative power which intimidates government and corporate corruption on all levels of society? So without it where is the news policing power to help protect the public? In four years of freelancing after 39 1/2 years of news reporting, I have had some success in moving my investigative stories, mostly into one Internet site, only to be paid pittance for months and months of work (averaging $300 to $400 a story). Meanwhile, I have spent frustrating weeks and months attempting to place my stories with competitors elsewhere. Either no editor answers emails or phone calls, or when they do, their lack of effort in reading the stories or the suggestions is simply incredible. To top it off and explain themselves, some editors even insult the story or the writer. But afterward the story appears elsewhere on the Internet and spreads to more than a dozen other websites sometimes with enthusiastic commentary from readers. The editors or news directors are all too busy with their own agendas and their diminutive favorite cadre of handpicked or fame picked reporters that they can’t find the time for a freelancer. Yet indeed they advertise their sites as welcoming freelance writers. It has become so notoriously bad a market for experienced freelancers that some laid off and bought out reporters in New Jersey started their own Internet site and are mostly working for FREE!!! Amazing! In the meantime, what are all those media owners, news executives, publishers and editors making? It’s time for a change! Some charitable journalist or media fanatic with the funds and resources needs to start a website promoting investigative freelance reporters nationwide! That site could quite easily create a list of outstanding investigative reporters nationwide – complete with their resumes, special abilities and past stories. It could then attempt to pair those reporters up with news media not only locally, but nationwide, and even internationally. Who is up to this critical task?! If there is no one stepping forward, then this country is in for some prolonged periods of expanded government and corporate corruption WALL TO WALL! View/reply to this message Don’t want to receive e-mail notifications? Adjust your message settings

2 07 2009
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2 07 2009
Marlys Harris

Please, please send out email notices of your next meeting, decision, whatever. I am very interested in the development of this network. Years ago, I dreamed of doing something like this but never had the guts or know-how to get it off the ground.

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