Monetizing the News

30 06 2009

Peggy Engel suggests this article on how to monetize the news by enforcing copyright laws.




One response

30 06 2009
Gabriela Fitz

I am not sure how much or how seriously this suggestion was discussed at your meeting but I strongly urge you to consider the unique implications of Connie Schultz’s argument for investigative reporting on social issues.

Besides the fact that the desire to more strongly enforce copyright laws is so glaringly out of sync with current trends in information sharing it is also counter to the most basic intentions of watchdog journalism and what I believe this group is trying to create and preserve. Simply put, the more open and accessible information is and the more widely it is shared, re-purposed and re-packaged, the more people it reaches. Our goal should be to get this vital information out to as many people as possible in as many of the places where they already gather as is possible. Stricter copyrights will only restrict our ability to do so.

The revenue, or “monetizing” nut is obviously a tough one to crack but let’s not restrict people’s ability to share news and information just because we don’t yet have a clear answer. After all these aren’t corporate white papers or clever celebrity bios you all are talking about producing. This is news about critical social issues that can carry immediate social and political weight. They should be shared as broadly, creatively, and widely as possible!

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