Possible follow-ups/strategies

30 06 2009

1. Templates for MOUs

2. A list of collaboration pros & cons

3. A list/matrix of people’s best resources & capabilities

4. What are the nuts and bolts of collaboration for this network?

5. Is there a way to be strategic in testing out different models/ideas?

6. A wiki and/or listservs for sharing ideas/resources

7. Co-op for legal services for libel insurance, donation services, etc.

8. Non-profit world resources: find out more on donor policies, resources for meeting compliance issues, insurance, etc.

9. Education program for traditional news media to pave the way for effective partnerships

10. Bartering services — List of who has what that they’d like to barter?

11. Identify ways to be multiplatform i.e. Who is your public TV station?

12. Opensource APIs

13. Discussion of resolution coming out of the conference

14. What are the workgroups?

15. Are we monetizing shared/joint distribution?




2 responses

30 06 2009

I wish I had known about this conference in advance since I would have loved to attend. And, with no contact info on the page or ability to subscribe to get on a list, it’s hard to figure out how to get involved, but I’m definitely interested. Please consider adding a “contact us” section of the site, since I’m sure others might be interested too.

11 07 2009

why Opensource APIs??

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