Questions raised on Tuesday

1 07 2009

What’s the network structure?

Steering committee & sunsetting. Subcommittees. Who’s on it?

Should there be a website that aggregates content from network partners?

What’s the brand?

Editorial standards. There should be some, but what are they?

What is the mission of this network? Is it to promote content or to improve financial health?

Long-term funding: how to stay on foundations’ radars OR how to move to other revenue streams

Should alignments be by geography or subject area or both?

If the network generates revenue, how is it split up?

How do we keep momentum going – who’s doing what? What are the outputs? How do we engage everybody? How do we have concrete steps?

Should the frame definitely be “investigative” reporting? Or “public affairs”?

Competition vs. collaboration on an issue like rapid-response capabilities

How can we get on mobile platforms?

Building capabilities is multilingual, multicultural, multi-communities, multi-class. Where are our capabilities for that?

Who signs off on a story?




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