Monday, June 29

3:00 pm Arrival and Check In

4:30 pm Introductions (Lecture Room)
A representative from each organization should give a brief (2-3 minutes) overview of his or her organization, including location, mission, editorial, and technical strengths, top collaborative ideas, and desired outcomes for the conference.

6:00 pm Reception (Loggia)

7:00 pm Dinner (Dining Room)
Welcoming remarks from Bill Buzenberg and Rosey Rosenthal

8:30 pm Introductions continue (Hayloft)

Tuesday, June 30

Moderator: Brant Houston

7:30 am Breakfast (Dining Room)

9:00 am Agenda Review and Opening Remarks (Dining Room)

9:30 am Editorial Collaboration
Needs/solutions.  Linking stories and projects, sharing skills, and pooling resources.  Developing wider distribution strategies for stronger impact.

10:45 am Collaboration on Infrastructure, Operations, and Data
Needs/solutions.  Potential shared services and capabilities.

12:00 pm Lunch (Dining Room)

1:00 pm Discussion of Building an Investigative News Network
What is it? How will it work? How will it be staffed and funded? Who could/should join? Do we need to develop common editorial standards? Who ultimately makes the call for what is put up on the site? Liability issues? Other issues and concerns.

3:30 pm Break

3:45 pm Collaboration on Sustainability and Impact (Lecture Room)
Needs/Solutions. Earned income, fundraising, marketing, new business development, and other strategies for sustainability.

5:00 pm Kykuit House Tour (Optional)
Home to four generations of Rockefellers

6:00 pm Reception (Carriage Room)

7:00 pm Dinner (Dining Room)

8:30 pm Hayloft
Informal discussion over drinks

Wednesday, July 1

7:30 am Breakfast (Dining Room)

9:00 am Reality Check (Lecture Room)
Summary of action points from collaboration sessions. Specific deliverables by whom and by when.

11:00 am Quick round on reflections and things learned from the meeting and vision for future cooperative venture.

11:45 am Closing Remarks: Rosey Rosenthal and Bill Buzenberg

12:00 pm Adjournment and Departure
Boxed lunches available


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